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Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED)

Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED)


33rd Foundation Day of Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) was celebrated on 6th August 2020. On the occasion, TRIFED launched its own virtual office.


  • Virtual Office has 81 online workstations and 100 additional converging State and agency workstations that will help the team members of TRIFED in working with their partners across the country on mission-mode towards bringing the tribal people closer to mainstream development.
  • To gauge the level of employee engagement and streamline their efforts, an Employee Engagement and Work Distribution Matrix with Dashboard Links has also been launched.


  • After the Covid-19 pandemic, a large number of people have adopted online methods for shopping, banking, work, etc.
  • All these organizational initiatives are a part of TRIFED’s ambitious all-encompassing digitization drive to promote tribal commerce and map and link its village-based tribal producers and artisans to national and international markets by setting up state of art e-platforms benchmarked to international standards.


  • TRIFED was formed in 1987 as the national nodal agency under the aegis of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.
  • It started its operations in 1988.
  • Objectives: Socio-economic development of tribal people, promotion of economic welfare, empowerment of tribal people with knowledge, tools and information and their capacity building.
  • It was registered under the then Multi-State Cooperative Societies Act, 1984.
  • Headquarter: New Delhi.
  • Functions: It mainly undertakes two functions which are Minor Forest Produce (MFP) Development and Retail Marketing and Development.

Initiatives of TRIFED:

  • In 1999 TRIBES INDIA retail outlet opened for procurement and marketing of tribal art and craft items.
  • To enhance the output of the Van Dhan Yojana, TRIFED organized the Van Dhan Internship Programme.
  • To develop Tribal entrepreneurship TRIFED has also launched a transformational Tech For Tribals program in partnership with Institutes of National Importance.
  • TRIFOOD Scheme was launched to promote value addition to minor forest produce. It is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Food Processing Industry, Ministry of Tribal Affairs and TRIFED.
  • The mechanism for Marketing of MFP through Minimum Support Price and Development of Value Chain for the minor forest produce was implemented in 2013 to ensure fair returns to forest-dwelling Scheduled Tribes (STs) and other traditional forest dwellers.

Source: PIB